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KNOW.EE | NFC business card | NFC Tag with the French Flag 3cm | Customize and send your Business Card via Mobile | Compatible with Any Device

KNOW.EE | NFC business card | NFC Tag with the French Flag 3cm | Customize and send your Business Card via Mobile | Compatible with Any Device

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  • 💳 HOW THEY WORK: Very easy. Our coin-shaped cards are compatible with any device. Activate it, personalize it and that's it. Bring your NFC Tag close to an NFC-enabled mobile and that person can instantly see your business card on their screen. Forget about carrying hundreds of paper cards that take up space, end up being thrown away and you have to print... A card for everything.
  • ☝🏼 WITH ONLY 1 TOUCH THEY WILL BE ABLE TO: Send you an email, call you by phone, look up your address and view your website or your social networks. They will also be able to save your contact in their address book in a couple of clicks. And share it with others.
  • ✨ DESIGN YOUR CARDS: You have a good number of templates so that your business cards reflect 100% the personality of your brand. In addition, we have 🤝 TEAM SOLUTIONS: Access extra features for corporations with the business plan. Turn your digital NFC business card into a corporate communication tool.
  • 👏🏻 SO EASY, YOU WILL NOT EVEN NOTICE: Follow the instructions that will appear on the screen of your mobile, we will tell you everything there! Our cards are intuitive and easy to use so you don't have a single complication. Fully compatible with any device. It is not necessary to download an App or register to receive your contact. Compatible. Simple and fast.
  • 👉​ OUR NFC TAGS ARE SELF-ADHESIVE: scan it with your mobile before sticking it on your device to be able to configure it more comfortably. It is recommended to stick it on a surface other than metal so as not to affect the induction frequencies of the chip.
  • 🌱 JOIN THE SUSTAINABLE REVOLUTION: Do you know the environmental impact of traditional business cards? 60 million business cards are printed every day; for which it is necessary to cut down 2,400 trees daily. That means the emission of 746,594 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year. Why not switch to a more comfortable, modern and sustainable model? With Knowee you are reducing your carbon footprint and making your company more sustainable and digital.

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"I have been using it for two years and I feel more flexible and comfortable when calling someone to a meeting. It has made me more digital, more agile and better connected"

- Javier Cremades
President. Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo Lawyers -

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"We can include corporate messages on all our employee cards, instantly"

Yolanda Sanz
Image and Brand Director at Bankinter

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